Employee Engagement

By Leigh Kelly

I went to a very interesting presentation by Kari Scrimshaw from Right Management titled "Understanding Employee Workforce Engagement 2012".

So what is engagement?  Kari’s definition is “a way of measurering the rational and emotional components in the our work environment”  This means that people engage with their work and not the organisation .  What happens is they make emotional decisions and then backtrack to the rational when it should be the other way round. 

For true engagement to take place, there must be both job and organisational engagement.  So to get workforce engaged change must take place.  Many people don’t like change or refuse to change, but workforce engagement will not happen without it in our current environment

So before you embark on change think carefully before you discuss it with staff what you are going to change.  An employee will always look to themselves and their career first.  If you adopt a mantra of   “How can I help you (the employee) to do a better job for me (the employer)” has a good chance of getting them engaged in your company.

I know many people struggle with getting staff engaged.  This week I have spoken to people who have put people through training but they do not “learn” anything and definitely don’t apply it.  Why is this so?  There are a list of 10 drivers required for a person to be engaged in their work and work place.  They are

  • Have to be committed to the organisations values
  • Be confident that they can reach their long term goals
  • Have sufficient incentive for them to perform well
  • Work in a healthy environment
  • Customers think highly of cost and services
  • Immediate manager gives them support
  • Organisation allows them to keep work/life balance
  • Current job is aligned to their strength
  • Encouraged to take ownership of their work
  • Communication is good in their work

Looking at the above drivers, are you engaged in your work?  Why do you come to work?  What do you get out of your work? 

If you are continually retraining new employees you are going backwards.  You will be continually “boarding up” and have difficulty upskilling your staff.

 It is a competitive environment now.  There is a looming talent shortage.  Do you want to lose your talented employees?  If your organisation is in this position, then you need to change and do something to get employees engaged or if you are an employee, do something to become engaged in your work place and get some job satisfaction.


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