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By Leigh Kelly

This can be extremely difficult as some caregivers believe they know it all.  I had a comment from one facility that told me one of her caregivers said “I did a course 2 years ago.  There is nothing you can teach me.”  How common is that attitude?

Unfortunately this attitude is  all too common.  I wonder if these same people that know it all would be happy to be the recipient of care from someone who did one course 2 years ago?  I wouldn’t be.

Even with the vast amount of knowledge I have accumulated over the years, I do not believe that I know it all.  I am still learning.

So why are people so unmotivated or do not feel they need to keep upskilling?  Motivating these very difficult people can be a challenge so here are some  tips to motivating your team

  • Set a good example.  If they know you are learning then they may well get enthused as well so tell them about what you are doing and why.
  • Focus on employee happiness rather than employee motivation.

Help your employees by feel really, really good and happy in their workplace and foster an environment of learning

  • Make sure your employees share in your company successes. Enter a competition where everyone works together to get the submission ready and get everyone to share the success
  • Create a culture of autonomy and agency  where people find the joy in coming to work.
  • Encourage workers to voice complaints.  Let them be heard and act upon their  grievance – don’t ignore it.  Many managers do at their peril
  • Take on fun volunteer assignments.  Do something that involves the community and get your staff involved too.
  • Get in touch with your inner start up.  Get your team fired up with enthusiasm before they start the day.

For more information go to this article.  It is not a caregiving site but the principles are all the same for any business.


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