Helping Managers & New Migrants Training

Because we have a shortage of care staff, we have a large number of new migrants working in our industry.  This is proving to be a big challenge for some managers and the new migrant as well.

I know from discussion I have with managers, that some are finding it really difficult communicating with them and getting them to understand our health system.  Settling in NZ is difficult for everyone.  The culture they come from is very different to New Zealand.   So instead of criticising new migrants, we need to assist them to settle.  

As a manager, I know that time is precious.  It is difficult enough orientating new staff to the workplace without having to orientate them to the New Zealand as well. 

So in order make your job a little easier, and to help them settle in New Zealand successfully having a better understandings of Kiwi's, I have designed a half day work shop that will look at some of the issues that are making life difficult for you and them.  We will look at    What is leadership, assertiveness, important areas around legislation and the health care system. 

Here is an example from one place I went to.  The new migrants felt excluded and were retreating into themselves.  They didn't get involved as they thought they were being excluded.  Some had been working as a caregivers prior to becoming RN's and had difficulty making the transition with peers.  They didn't understand the Kiwi practices in socializing so were waiting to be specifically invited to functions.  Consequently they didn't attend any social gatherings.  The Kiwi's thought they didn't want to be involved. No-one took the time out to explain our practices to them and the new migrants didn't ask. 

We also remember that most of us who settled in NZ have come from another country.  How would our forefathers have felt settling into a new country?

If you have any new staff/migrants you are having difficulty communicating with or who may be having difficulty communicating with you, then it will be a worthwhile investment to send them to a workshop.  If  your new migrants are happy in their work their long term employment will be guaranteed.  After all they only want what you and I want.  To be accepted, included, loved and respected.  It isn't much to give them is it after all they have given up a lot to come here too? 


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