New Year – New Beginnings

The wonderful thing about the beginning of year is the break that many of us take at the end of the previous year. It is like the final act of the play: leaving us reflecting on ourselves and our life. We have all been blessed with this time out, a time to choose what we want to take into the New Year, and what we want to discard.

Now, this does not mean that we forget the purpose of Christmas, the birth of Christ for Christians, but it does signify, in many ways, the rebirth of ourselves. We have been working all year towards this time. Yes, the break we have at Christmas, in the Western world, is a time of renewal.

In New Zealand, we are fortunate to have warm sunshine, and many of us take off to the beach for our summer holidays. Some people have extended breaks over this time, while others have just the statutory days. It does not matter the length of time you take, what does matter is the time out you take. The time to give not only our body time to rejuvenate and regenerate, but also to take our brain on a holiday as well. This is what I did.

I went to a lovely beach in the north of the North Island and relaxed, baked in the sun, read books that had nothing to do with work, talked to my friend, met up with old friends, swam in the sea, and dug for sea food in an estuary. An absolutely blissful experience.

Having this break has enabled me to make some decisions in my life, and to discard areas that are not serving me – taking up brain time I call it. Often, we make resolutions at this time of year, many of which are broken. This happens because, once we get back to our normal surroundings, the chatterbox comes in, and we talk ourselves out of the decisions we made while taking that break, while we were relaxed.

This is where courage comes in. The courage to stand by the decisions you made, no matter how hard they may be and who they might affect. Many of us live our lives through others. We think that, by doing things that don’t serve us, we will, in fact, make other people happy. LET ME REMIND YOU that we are not here on this earth to make other people happy. We are here to fulfil ourselves, and make ourselves happy. Failing to do that is short-changing yourself.

Now, as I mentioned, I have made some decisions -- one of which could be in danger of sabotage, as my chatterbox says “I am letting people down.” The fact is, I am letting myself down, and as I am the only person that I will live the rest of my life with, then I have to let go and remove the chatterbox, replacing it with supportive and loving thoughts.

Many people do not realise that sickness in our bodies is not just a random event. It is something that we manifest in ourselves through our lifetime of negative choices, poor lifestyle management, error thinking, disempowerment, etc. It comes from within. These patterns are not easy to change, and the fact is that some of them we won't or don’t want to change – and that is okay. Just know you do have some choices.

So what did you decide to discard from your life this New Year? Have you talked yourself out of it, or have you the courage to stick to the decision you made? Have you allowed others to dissuade you? Are you misinterpreting your chatterbox for your conscience? Think about it!

Yes, I have had trouble making a decision in an area of my life, but it has to go from my life because I have no room for it. If I am going to live my purpose, I do not need to have areas that are cluttering up my brain and not being productive. Things that I am not 100% committed to. Is this you too? Remember, the sole purpose is to fulfil your soul's purpose and sometime that means making difficult decisions. What is the cost to you if you don’t make that decision? It could have more long lasting effects than saying “NO! This is no longer for me!”



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