I promised myself I wouldn’t do it to myself again!

Each year I tell myself I am going to take regular breaks.  I am going to take time off.  I am not going to get tired and exhausted. 

Yes, you’ve guessed it, I have done it again!

I get so focused on my work that suddenly Whammm.  I find I can’t think properly, my head is fuzzy, I make mistakes and I become very forgetful. 

Do you know what I mean?

So how do I prevent this from happening again?  I start the year off with good intentions.   I plan to have a some time off during the year.  I even block the at least 2 full weeks during the year out in my diary. 

This week I am taking 5 full days off this week.  I am not taking my computer with me.  I am going to be with very good friends for the whole 5 days and have fun. 

But before I go I have to make sure everything is done in the business so I can take this time off.  I can’t leave anything undone and you know, who cares. 

I am still learning as I progress through my 60’s that it just doesn’t really matter what I don’t get done.  The world won’t fall apart.  Life will just go on without me.

Leading a stressed life is my own doing.  I can be more disciplined and just take the time off.  Nothing major is going to happen if I don’t get a newsletter out or make sure the house is spik and span. 

So I am going away and I am not even going to think of anyone but me.  This is my time to have fun and laughter in my life.

Yes I am my own worst enemy. Are you?


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