The richness of diversity

Understanding and tolerance of diversity develops through exposure to people and their lifestyle or plight.  We cannot hope to understand the homeless if we have not experienced not having a home.  Nor can we understand what it is like to be without an income if we have always had one.

The same is for the elderly.  If we don’t know what it is like to be old with the body failing albeit subtly then the person cannot be care for safely.  Children learn the limitations of the elderly by being around grandparents. 

Grandparents are great teachers of love, patients and tolerance.  Through these skills children learn what it is like to age.  They have a healthy understanding of the limitations of older people.

So if a child is not exposed to older or disabled people how can they understand them?  How can they understand what it is like to lose your dignity through loss of status not working or a reduced income?  Their loss of dignity from reduced mobility and having to receive help in everyday living?

These are issues the people really need to consider.  Society is very transient now.  New Zealand has many cultures living here who now have little or no contact with grandparents.  How can they develop this understanding if they have no concept of aging?

The same goes for disabled people.  Some cultures believe it is a curse to give birth to a disabled person or for disease to ravage a body.   Developing an understanding of people is essential for great care to be given.

I personally believe that everyone deserves to receive good care.  Unfortunately looking after a child does not provide a person with the qualifications to ensure a person receiving care is if free from harm at the hands of the caregiver.  It only come through training.

Knowing how to keep both the carer and the client/residents safe through sound knowledge is the only way it can be achieved.  I guess the beauty of my work is I see the lights come on in people eyes when they understand what to look for and how to help a person.  When all caregivers or home carers receive this knowledge they will know how to keep themselves and those in their care safe and believe me the personal rewards are exponential.


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