What a difference silence makes

A lot can happen in a few weeks. I have just returned from a new experience - 10 days of silent meditation. This is the first time I have been in a situation where I have not spoken for such a long period. Having just shifted house and a change in living circumstances, I decided that my brain and body needed a holiday. It was also a time of personal reflection. The most difficult part of the 10 days was staying in the now --present -- and not be in the future or the past. Not speaking was easy.

I truly learned this is where the most growth takes place, and is an area of my life where I am going to have to practice, as I am sure there are many things that I miss by not being in the moment. Taking time out of the day to do nothing - no planning, no chattering, nothing -- isn't easy, yet it is a skill that can be learned with practice and patience. Things like planning, goal setting, marketing, developing and all the other things pertaining to a business and life get done easily and effortlessly if you take time out for yourself.

I learned so much about myself over this time and would certainly recommend this for anyone who is interested. Check out the website www.medini.dhamma.org. The centre I went to is in Kaukapakapa, north of Auckland, New Zealand, but there are many centres around the world. Oh, and if you are worried about it interfering with your own faith, while it has a Buddhist background, it is non-denominational. It will not interfere with your own beliefs and practices unless, of course, you choose.

So I have come back with renewed vigour to develop the programme I have written. It now also has a name - KNOWING ME. This is essential to develop an understanding of yourself in order to make changes that support you in your life. I have 3 KNOWING ME programmes:

  • Teenagers and young adults.
    This will give them the skills to put their life in order and take control of their life early, before life takes them over.
  • Parents who want the best for their children.
    The greatest gift we can give our children is that of security. Security in the knowledge that they matter, make a contribution and can be the best they can be. As parents, we can only do this if we move ourselves out of the way and allow our children to develop in the best way they know how, with our guidance. It is knowing when and how to do this.
  • Corporations/Business
    If you want to ensure the best for and from your employees, and reduce the risk of non-compliance with Health & Safety
    Legislation, then this is the programme for you.

And now I have a request to make. In order for these programmes to be developed to NZQA level as a certificate or unit standards programme, I need some help. I am looking for financial assistance in the form of funding or sponsorship. Can you help? Or do you know anyone who is able to help?

My goal is to inspire millions of people to be happy healthy responsible citizens. The target market is late teens, young adults, parents and, of course, workers. How much more beneficial would it be to you, your children or your workers to not only learn but to have an NZQA certificate at the end of the programme?

To be able to break a cycle, time needs to be invested in those who are going to have the greatest influence on others.
Any of these people may be our leaders for tomorrow, and many will have children. Learning these skills and integrating them into life will automatically see them passed on to their children and workmates alike. If the leader has a strong sense of who they are, everyone benefits.

My goal is to develop this programme to a stage where it is available for others to purchase and teach. This will then enable me to set up a foundation where those who are not fortunate enough to have the income or resources to learn this, can be subsidised or sponsored for free to attend these workshops.

If you know of anyone who is in a situation to assist in this area, or who would like to know more about this programme and my work, please get them to contact me.



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