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  • Exciting people to learn
    This can be extremely difficult as some caregivers believe they know it all. I had a comment from one facility that told me one of her caregivers said “I did a course 2 years ago. There is nothing you can teach me.” How common is that attitude?

  • Employee Engagement
    I went to a very interesting presentation by Kari Scrimshaw from Right Management titled "Understanding Employee Workforce Engagement 2012".

  • The Cultural Debate
    You may have seen the article on overseas nurses working in Aged Care in Sunday Star Times 22nd April.

  • Person Centred Care
    Sitting in on the Dementia Training Person Centred Care Topic, I found many gaps that are being made in caring for people regardless of whether they have dementia or not.

  • How to keep yourself safe and free from complaints?
    I took the time to go through some of the HDC Complaints to see if there were any common threads in the complaints received to find out why people complain.  Essentially it boils down to two things.

  • How to say no to the bully at work
    The letters to the editor column of Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand reveal the prevalence of horizontal violence in our profession. But there is a solution. A nurse offers some  practical steps to putting a stop to intimidating behaviour at work.

  • The joys of children
    I watched with interest my young grand-daughter this weekend as we visited my mother in a continuing care facility.

  • Raising Children by Anna Quindlen, Newsweek Columnist and Author
    All my babies are gone now. I say this not in sorrow but in disbelief.

  • Taking a person’s belongings is theft!
    I don’t know if caregivers are aware of the importance of people belongings? 

  • What has the world come to?
    Reading this mornings NZ Herald where children as young as 10 or less were threatening people who did not give them sweets for Trick or Treating last night.
  • Aged Care in the firing line again
    I become very concerned when reports come out that are obviously politically driven.  The sad facts are a public forum attracts mainly dissatisfied people.  Somehow the satisfied become voiceless.

  • The richness of diversity
    Understanding and tolerance of diversity develops through exposure to people and their lifestyle or plight. 

  • Residential Population
    In a NZ research paper printed in NZ Medical Journal May 2005 entitled "Residential Care Workers & Residents...

  • Whose Challenging who with Challenging Behaviours?
    Talking to a colleague the other night about a residents "challenging behaviour"  got me to thinking that maybe it is time we addressed this topic again.

  • My trip to the Philippines
    I have just returned from a trip to Cebu, Philippines where I was to conduct a week long programme for Registered Nurses who may be considering coming to New Zealand to work.

  • The New Zealand Workforce
    We have many different cultures working as caregivers. 

  • Each year I tell myself I am going to take regular breaks.
    I am going to take time off. I am not going to get tired and exhausted.

  • Are you at risk of burnout?
    Burnout is a common reality for all business.  This is a sad reality.

  • Rest Home Retention
    Is paying more money without training really going to improve the care and retention in the Aged care Sector?

  • We must stop medicalising residential care
    It seems as though becoming frail and old is now no longer a natural process.  We used to be able to have the comfort knowing that if we ever needed this care, we would be could go into a home like environment where we could live out our life in peace and tranquility.

  • Defining Caregivers
    I have a mission.  It is to Change the Face of Caregiving.  Some of you will have heard me talk about this at training session, and you will have all seen the aim of Clinical Update (NZ) Ltd but perhaps have not fully grasped what I mean when I talk "caregiver' so let me explain.

  • Philosophy of Care Essential to Good Residential Care
    While the facts are that many of the larger Rest Homes and Continuing Care facilities are owned by overseas interests this should not influence the care which is the over all aim of residential care.

  • Helping Managers & New Migrants Training
    Because we have a shortage of care staff, we have a large number of new migrants working in our industry. This is proving to be a big challenge for some managers and the new migrant as well.

  • Effective training is a good return on your investment
    It is always a constant balance between money and training.  For an audit, all the boxes have to be ticked but how effective is the training you are getting using this method? 

  • How well do you understand the medications you are administering?
    Registered Nurses and Managers of care facilities,  have very high expectations of caregivers. 

  • Who is a Kiwi?
    New Zealand is a wonderful place. It has a rich and diverse cultural mix. Many Pakeha have been here for generations. 

  • Sexuality in Residential Care
    In some places this is handled very badly while in others it is handled extremely well.

  • Changing the Attitude of Caregivers is Essential to Improve Care in Residential Facilities
    For many years now I have promoted that a residential facility is the residents' home. 

  • Don’t ever think it will never happen to you!!
    At 7.30pm on Friday 2nd January I was going back to my car in Westgate Shopping Centre after seeing a movie.

  • Are we becoming a Socially Isolated Society?
    One of the most important roles in being a parent is to ensure your children learn the skill of socialisation.

  • The Ultimate Dilemma
    So you’re faced with the worst that could happen to your parent? They have to go into care.

  • When your parent moves in!!!!!
    It is inevitable that more and more people will be faced with the situation of having to take some responsibility for an elderly parent at some time in their life.

  • Will you still need me, Will you still feed me When I'm 64?
    The words of the Beatles' song of the 60's are a reality for many people in today's society but it isn't 64 - it is more like 84. However it isn't the feeding that is the problem; it is the "who will need me" that is.

  • Have you forgotten how to play?
    Have you noticed how fast time flies when you are busy? You know what I mean. when it feels like your tail doesn't touch the ground. Well, herein you learn the reason.

  • So what does sexuality mean to you?
    Recently I attended a seminar on Sexuality. It provoked a huge debate on what is right, wrong or happens in the age care sector. This prompted me to really explore my own attitudes and beliefs around it.

  • What a difference silence makes
    A lot can happen in a few weeks. I have just returned from a new experience - 10 days of silent meditation.

  • A New Year – New Beginnings
    The wonderful thing about the beginning of year is the break that many of us take at the end of the previous year.

  • About Euthanasia?
    Recently the New Zealand Parliament debated and the members had a conscience vote on whether to permit the practice of voluntary euthanasia.

  • The Joy of Remembering
    Recently I received a magazine from a friend on Journal writing. Now, I am an avid journal writer.

  • Oh, the system!
    I have recently had the misfortune (or should I say fortune) to visit two of our hospitals in Auckland. One, a large public hospital, and the other much smaller.


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