How To Interprete Lab Results - Understanding Lab Values Day 2

Enhancing Clinical Assessment Skills Through Understanding Lab Values

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This is Day 2 to help you Understand Lab Values to enhance your clinical assessment skills.At the end of this session your will be able to interpret what the lab results are telling you to enable you to work alongside and in partnership with medical practitioners as well as give a better service to your clients.

You will learn:                                                                                    

  • Renal function
    • Physiology review                                           
  • Hepatic enzymes
    • Physiology review
  • Case Analysis
  • Lipids
    • Physiology
  • Cardiac markers
    • Physiology

Anecita Gigi Lim PhD, RCN, BScN, DipScPharm, MHSc Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing , University of Auckland is an enthusiastic presenter that will help you understand these conditions and improve health outcomes for those in your care by providing you with comprehensive, current information that assists you to make informed clinical decision and deliver safe nursing care.

This Education Day meets the Criteria set down by Nursing Council of New Zealand. View >>

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Cancellation Policy: 
Refunds for non-attendance (cancellations) will only be given if notification is provided at least 24 hour prior to the workshop. If your cancellation is received after this day, only 50% of the course fee will be refunded due to the venue's cancellation policy and the costs we incur.

Payment must be made at least 7 days before the training unless prior arrangements have been made.

Comments from evaluation of Lipids education day:

  • I can now give specific information to patients rather than general information. I have kept abreast with current information rather than what I have been taught which could be either inaccurate or redundant and thus misinforming patient. Can now have meaningful conversations with colleagues.
  • All of it was so useful for all nurses. I want to send all my team of 5 along to the next one. So useful when applying to chronic and long term patients. Pathophysiology is applicable to CVD, Diabetes, i.e. to use or not use statins in cardiac patients with borderline high cholesterol.
  • This education challenges my thought process and how I can provide my clients with the most accurate and correct information.
  • Gigi breaking the process down with its pathology improves how I process and understand lipids, lipo protein & cholesterol. I enjoy the challenge of my current professional knowledge and always look forward to ways of improving it.
  • Has given me a lot of information to share and discuss with my colleagues
  • Gigi has a great ability at sharing her knowledge to make things easily understood.
  • Comprehensive explanation of everything. This information needs to get to all healthcare providers.
  • I can see how I can extend my practice and work alongside people who visit. Excellent presentation. Met my expectation. Appropriate to my clinical setting and knowledge will assist with my post grad education.


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